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grat⋅i⋅tude  noun: the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

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Thankfulfor Moms Giveaway Announcement!

Moms deserve more than just one day a year. To show our appreciation for all the moms in our lives, we are going to write a post each day between now and May 9th dedicated to moms. And, we’re doing a few other special things - but we need your help.

1. Start posting your thanks for the moms in your life now on Thankfulfor - try to post one each day between now and Sunday, May 9th.  

2. During that time we’ll select a handful of winners to receive some fun prizes. 

3. We’re going to collect all the posts that mention moms and select the best to be published in a beautiful ebook we will be giving away to all Thankfulfor members. 

4. We would love for you to share this special ebook with the moms in your life. Don’t worry, we’ll let everyone know when it’s ready.

To make the most of this special tribute, please encourage your friends to sign up and post what they are thankful for about the moms in their lives. Throughout the week we want moms to come to Thankfulfor and see how much they are loved and appreciated!

We’re looking forward to seeing your posts.  

*Thankfulfor Mom illustration by Tori Burroughs

Jen Consalvo
Jen is part of the team behind Thankfulfor, the online gratitude journal community. She also looks a lot like her momma, Frannie. You can learn more about her here and check out her own personal gratitude journal.

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